Teeth grinding, nightguard blanks in semi-hard material

Thickness: 1 mm
Blank size: 120 mm round
Pack size: Single blank

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Night guard, teeth grinding, bruxism guard blanks made from semi-hard material, FDA approved, medical grade materials, and manufactured in UK.

Semi hard material is slightly harder than our EVA and has been developed for appliances which need extra toughness.

It is more durable, more resistant to wear and tear but it does not have the EVA high impact resistance qualities and is therefore unsuitable as standalone sports appliance. 

Our semi-hard blanks will bond to all our EVA blanks.

 Volume discounts

Quantity Discount
single blank 0%
10 or more 2%
50 or more 5%
100 or more 10%
1000 or more Please Contact Us

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