AcoShield Protective Visor

Strap colour: Navy
Pack size: Single shield


AcoShield Medical Grade Protective Face Shield

  • Lightweight and comfortable for all day wear.
  • Suitable for prescription glasses wearers.
  • Tested to EN 166:2002
  • PPE Class 3
  • Made from 100% Medical Grade, FDA-approved plastic
  • 100% recyclable
  • Available in 8 Colours; Can be used to quickly identify the type of the user.
  • Strap can be written on with a permanent marker also to aid identification.
  • Manufactured in UK to ISO 9001:2015
The Acoshield is designed to protect from splashes and droplets, and is non-sterile. The visor is made from ultra clear PETG plastic and the band is made of soft EVA material.

Shield contains no porous materials such as foams or elastic bands, so it can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

AcoShield is designed for single/limited use and should be replaced as required.

If you would like a foam insert for your visor, they are available here.

If you would like replacement visor to use with the strap, they are available here.


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