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12 cm Aderer Pliers
12 cm Aderer Pliers
£25.48 £26.48
12 cm Aderer Pliers With Tungsten Inserts
12.5 cm Adams Pliers
12.5 cm Adams Pliers With Tungsten Inserts
12.7 cm/ 5" Con Scodellino Wax Knife12.7 cm/ 5" Con Scodellino Wax Knife
13.2 cm/5.2" Lessmann Wax Knife13.2 cm/5.2" Lessmann Wax Knife
13.3 cm/ 5.2" Fahnenstock Wax Knife13.3 cm/ 5.2" Fahnenstock Wax Knife
14 cm Youngs Pliers
17.6 cm / 6.9" Fahnenstock Wax Knife17.6 cm / 6.9" Fahnenstock Wax Knife
17.6 cm/6.9" Con Scodellino Wax Knife
17.7 cm / 7" Lessman Wax Knife17.7 cm / 7" Lessman Wax Knife
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38L Quiet Oil-less Compressor38L Quiet Oil-less Compressor
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58L Quiet Oil-less Compressor58L Quiet Oil-less Compressor
Save 47%
Acorn extra large rubber mixing bowl
Acorn freeze spray 400 ml (flammable)
Acron Rapid Denture Base Acrylic, 3kg
Acron Universal Liquid, 1L
Alginate and plaster remover, 1L
Beads for vacuum forming
Black Microtorch
Blazer torch
Blazer torch
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Blocking out compound
Blocking out compound
£3.99 £5.60
Blue microtorch
Brass CE stamp
Brass wire brush
Calico medium stiff polishing mop
Calico soft fine polishing mop
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Chrome-Electroplated ArticulatorsChrome-Electroplated Articulators

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