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12 cm Aderer Pliers
12 cm Aderer Pliers
£25.48 £26.48
12 cm Aderer Pliers With Tungsten Inserts
12.5 cm Adams Pliers
12.5 cm Adams Pliers With Tungsten Inserts
12.7 cm/ 5" Con Scodellino Wax Knife12.7 cm/ 5" Con Scodellino Wax Knife
13.2 cm/5.2" Lessmann Wax Knife13.2 cm/5.2" Lessmann Wax Knife
13.3 cm/ 5.2" Fahnenstock Wax Knife13.3 cm/ 5.2" Fahnenstock Wax Knife
14 cm Youngs Pliers
17.6 cm / 6.9" Fahnenstock Wax Knife17.6 cm / 6.9" Fahnenstock Wax Knife
17.6 cm/6.9" Con Scodellino Wax Knife
17.7 cm / 7" Lessman Wax Knife17.7 cm / 7" Lessman Wax Knife
38L Quiet Oil-less Compressor38L Quiet Oil-less Compressor
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Acorn extra large rubber mixing bowl
Acorn freeze spray 400 ml (flammable)
Acorn freeze spray 400 ml (non-flammable)
Acron Rapid Denture Base Acrylic, 3kg
Acron Universal Liquid, 1L
Alginate and plaster remover, 1L
Beads for vacuum forming
Black Microtorch
Blazer torch
Blazer torch
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Blocking out compound
Blocking out compound
£3.99 £5.60
Blue microtorch
Brass CE stamp
Brass wire brush
Calico medium stiff polishing mop
Calico soft fine polishing mop
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Chrome-Electroplated ArticulatorsChrome-Electroplated Articulators
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