Dental impressions and models

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FlexiTray impression traysFlexiTray impression trays
KD Dental Plaster
Dental Plaster
Upper impression tray
Kemdent Anutex Wax, 500g
Double wax carverDouble wax carver
Modelling waxModelling wax
Singletypo 4 extra hard dental stone, 25 kg
Crystacal R Plaster
Kemdent Tenatex Pink Wax, 500 g
Wax carving tip Type 1
Simplex Rapid Liquid, 500 ml
Kemdent Orthodontic Liquid, 500 ml
Alginate and plaster remover, 1L
Kemdent Tenatex Red Wax, 500 g
Kemdent Clear Orthodontic Powder, 3 kg
Wax carving tip Type 10
Wax carving tip Type 3
Acron Universal Liquid, 1L
Acron Rapid Denture Base Acrylic, 3kg

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