Chromatic dental alginate, mango flavour, 450g


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Fast setting dental alginate with a chromatic phase indicator for dental impressions (red: mixing -> orange: tray loading -> yellow: insertion in mouth).

The chromatic phase indicator helps with the preparation of impressions without having to worry about temperature changes or specific water hardness.


  • Class A
  • Easy to mix
  • Thixotropic
  • Fast in mouth, minimum setting time of 60 seconds
  • High accuracy: 50 micron
  • Compatible with alginate impression disinfectant
  • Mango flavour
  • Dust Free
  • 5 years of expiry date

Can be used for:

  • Study models
  • Preliminary models
  • Removable and fixed prosthesis antagonist
  • Mobile prosthesis
  • Metal frameworks

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