GuardUp boil & bite moutghuard with a box

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Choose your gum shield colour, size, and the colour of slimline box to store it in.

The GuardUp mouthguard gum shield is designed to provide some protection to the teeth and gums. However care must always be taken when carrying out risky activities.

GuardUp mouthguards are easy to fit but require user of boiling water, therefore during fitting process children should be supervised by an adult.

Fitting instructions:

  1. Soften the mouthguard by placing it in boiling water for 30 second.
  2. Remove from water and shake off excess water.
  3. Press over top teeth. The gum shield should be square in the mouth.
  4. To fit mouthguard to the back of the teeth, insert thumb in your mouth and suck your firmly.
  5. Bite your bottom teeth into the mouthguard, then press your lip from the outside with your finger to mould the mouthguard against top teeth.
  6. If necessary repeat process until mouth guard stays in place.
  7. If you need to, trim off the end mouthguard with sharp scissors. To smooth cut edges, put them over flame for a few second and smooth over edges with your finger.

You can see a general boil & bite mouthguard fitting instruction video here  

Manufactured in UK from FDA approved, medical grade materials.

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