Singletypo 4 extra hard dental stone, 25 kg


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Type 4 extra hard stone specific for the preparation of total and partial non-removable master models, stumps preparation, metal framework, implants and antagonist models.

Additionally, physical properties and specific color are ideal for all CAD-CAM reading techniques.

The innovative formula, low expansion setting, high thixotropicity, excellent fluidity, optimal working time, resistance to compression and abrasion are a guarantee for obtaining accurate, fine, homogeneous and chippings free models with smooth surfaces.
Singletypo4 is compatible with all impression material and all products for the isolation of plaster against plaster.

Sold in 25 kg tubs.


Technical details

golden brown
Water/powder ratio 20 ml/100 g
Imbibition time 20 seconds
Manual mixing time 60 seconds
Mechanical mixing time 30 seconds
Pouring time 3 minutes
Setting time 7 minutes
Time for separation after setting 30 minutes
Setting expansion (after 2 hours) 0.08%
Compressive strength (after 24 hours) 84 MPa – 12.174 Psi – 860 Kg/cm2
Rockwell hardness (after 24 hours) 90 HRl

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