Ergamix laboratory silicone with 70 Shore A hardness


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Addition curing silicone (polyvinylsiloxane), scannable with optical/laser/tactile reading systems.
Ergamix combines a practicality of using  with a series of advantages which allow technicians to obtain the maximum precision in making the prosthetic model.
The long working time allows it to be adapted to the areas very easily without incurring risks of pre-hardening the material.
Sold as a set of 1.5 kg Part A and 1.5 kg Part B tubs.



  • 70 Shore A hardness
  • Easy mixing thanks to 1:1 dosage
  • High viscosity and workability
  • Long working time
  • Scannable with optical/laser/tactile reading systems
  • Suitable for printing techniques
  • High accuracy (40 µm)
  • Final hardness achieved in short time
  • High compression resistance
  • Compatible with self and thermo-setting acrylic resins
  • Excellent resistance to heat (120°C)
  • Easy finishing by burs
  • Excellent chromatic contrast
  • High dimensional stability over time

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